Myanmar Singer Couple: Anagga and Than Thar Win

Myanmar Hip Hop Singer, Anagga and Than Thar Win (the daughter of Myanmar famous singer, Nwe Yin Win) fell in love with each other since last year, 2009. Nwe Yin Win denied the 8 Day Journal that Than Thar Win did not eloped with Anagga and they do not have plan to get marriage yet. Anegga is the ex-husband of famous actress, Htet Htet Moe Oo and hey divorced after 4 years marriage life in 2008. According to celebrity source, Anagga asked much money from Htet Htet Moe Oo after their divorce.

Photographer : Unknown
Photos from The Bloom Magazine


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  1. anagga ....anagga.....anagga nint htat sout shat ma shi tat thu tg nint htat sout shat po shi own mal........

    1. I still can't believe people are still narrow minded... Yeah, their first marriage failed, so what? There are lots of people in Myanmar with their 2 marriage or the third. And what should Anegga be embarrassed about? His first wife cheated on him with another guy and divorced him... The real person who should be embarrassed is the narrow minded persons who like to bad-mouth on other people's personal life!

  2. kaung dar bal da ka thu akaung net thu bout

  3. Why Tan Tha Win divorce Rozan? I think he more better than Anagga.One day she knows how bad is Anagga. she crazy now.

  4. Whatever and whoever they are, I love Anegga.
    I will support him ever.
    Keep your chin up, Anegga. You have got my full support.

  5. Strongly agree to Optimistic ..

  6. မသံသာ၀င္း က တအားခ်စ္စရာေကာင္းတာပဲ..
    ဘိုမရုပ္ေလးက်ေနတာပဲ..ကိုတိြ နဲ႔ လည္းလိုက္တယ္.



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