May 3, 2013


  1. YE LAY @ Ye Tun Min: A man should marry the woman that he can COMMUNICATE with in various ways, such as: Letter, Email Message, Phone Calls, Voice Mail, eCard, Card, Video, Movie, Music and Song, Dance, Personal Visit (meeting), Photo, Sign Language, etc … Even A Deaf Person uses ‘Finger Talking’, which designates a Finger Gesture, for each of The 36 English Alphabets, to ‘Spell Out’ each word, which is ‘Finger Writing’. Sign Language MUST be CONFIRMED in ‘WRITING’ either by ACTIONS (doing), LETTER or ‘FINGER WRITING’, to AVOID any misunderstandings or miscommunications.

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  3. @ Myint Yee
    What are you talking about? What is your point?
    You are talking about communication, and yet you do not even have a proper communication profile on google.
    I am pretty sure your way of defining Marriage is Wrong!
    read more , learn more, go out and see the world and accept the reality before you judge other people. Marriage has a lot more than a communication!!!

  4. The 36 English Alphabets

    I have never heard and learnt that there are 36 English alphabets!

    There are 26 letters in English alphabet!

  5. I think so u should die. At the time


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